Why business needs human resources

Why business needs human resources

HR saves your money

By having a human resources department or outsourcing your HR needs, you can save your company money.

First, an HR department can negotiate lower rates on healthcare. HR also stays abreast of local and national laws so you don’t get into trouble when it comes to your employees.

HR can also institute hiring and training programs that increase employee happiness and productivity. This means you have less turnover and don’t have to spend money multiple times on the hiring process.

HR helps you hire right

Hiring and training is a costly expense, and as a startup owner, it isn’t something you have a lot of time for.
By letting HR handle the recruiting and hiring, you not only free up your time, but you let the experts focus on the recruiting.
You want to hire right the first time as your startup team must all be on the same page – growing your business. You don't want to continually be looking for new employees because you didn't hire the right person the first time.
HR can help you hire effectively and then move on to training your new employee. HR will establish an orientation and training process to on-board employees and help create loyal and industrious team members.

HR handles administrative functions

Now we come to the traditional functions of HR – the paperwork.
Your HR staff can again free up your time by handling employee files, payroll, health insurance, retirement info, forms and compliance issues.They can also take care of performance reviews and issues such as state and federal guidelines and regulations.

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